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Society for Research on Adolescence Blog | October 2020

Alongside the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on people’s lives and livelihoods, academia has had to adjust to a new world where in-person research may not be possible in the near future. Social media is a promising option for research with adolescents. However, this type of research presents special ethical considerations.

November 2018​

How do Ashoka social entrepreneurs create change at a systems level? This article uses the results of the 2018 Global Fellows Study to explore how social entrepreneurs create systems change through independent replication, mindset shift, policy change, and market change. 

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The Conversation | October 2022

Immigration is a core issue for many voters in the 2022 midterm elections. We are a team of scholars and students across disciplines and universities researching immigrant youths’ civic development – and we think it’simportant to recognize that young immigrants are also playing a key role in galvanizing older immigrants to vote, primarily by connecting with them via social media. 

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